Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is Here!

Spring season is nearing and my phone is beginning to ring. This is very exciting! Although, I am constantly looking for new clients. My search will never end.

I am now working closely with a local landscaping company, so it's great to know that my clients will have top notch installations and maintenance of their properties. I am excited for the year ahead with Rob and his company.

I am finishing the marketing phase of my work for the meantime and beginning to focus more on my favorite part of my job, design and consultations! I've got new business cards in the works, which is very exciting, and am printing up some yard signs as well. I've got a consultation tomorrow with a very sweet woman regarding her back yard project. I can't wait to see what her project may be.
I am noticing that a lot of clients are choosing to forgo selling their homes in this market. Instead, they are putting more money into the places that they have and making it more livable. I have to say, I'm very happy to help them do so!!

I think that a lot more people today tend to want to sell the old and buy new when they get bored with it. The recession is making this more difficult, and I think that people will end up being very happy with their new/old homes once they just put a little bit of TLC into it and make it more of a home. Whatever happened to living in the same home for 20+ years? We may be on to something here America!
I am in the midst of learning a new design software. I completed a patio design on it yesterday and have to say that I love the 3-D capabilities it offers. Since I'm just starting out, my design software budget is much less than I would like it to be, so I am using an old software version from 6 years ago. While it's proving to be very helpful with my presentations, I am getting used to the fact that it is not so much a vector software as I would hope. I miss my AutoCadd and Dynascape programs that I have used in the past with other companies. I can't complain about the materials list that this new program calculates. No more take-offs!

You can expect to see more blogs from me on a weekly basis during the spring season. I will be talking about the new things that I am learning, as well as any challenges that I may be facing. I am looking forward to gaining some followers.